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Adrian Loader (Allegro Funds)

How did you get involved in the TMA?

I did my first operational turnaround in 1995 and always thought that the “turnaround industry” in Australia needed to develop. I first heard of the TMA in about the year 2000 and I attended a number of seminars, but never really got involved.  I decided to get more involved in 2006 as I thought that Australia needed a turnaround culture to rehabilitate companies and believed the TMA was the best placed organisation to help achieve this. I was chair of the NSW committee in 2007, President of the TMA in 2009 and was Chairman until 2012.

How do you think safe harbour reforms will change in the industry?
I think the industry will change significantly over the next 5 years.  The cause of the change is the combination of safe harbour reforms; greater availability of capital; change in bank behaviour; and the role technology can play in identifying operational improvement opportunities. If I had a crystal ball I think there will be more highly skilled turnaround advisors in Australia and less insolvency advisors (especially for larger companies) in 5 years’ time. This will create opportunities for many members of the TMA and will also lead to greater specialisation.

What would someone who only knows you professionally be surprised to learn about you?
I always lose money in the Melbourne Cup!

What is the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever been given?
Don’t change jobs for financial reasons. When you are building your career focus on getting the right experience rather than the money.


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