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Martyn Strickland from Deloitte shares his article, Recover and transform: How to fast forward to a time when you’re winning again with us. Are you feeling the pressure? Following 23 years of unbroken economic growth, Australia is experiencing a period of unprecedented disruption which means managing your businesses performance isn’t exactly straightforward. In this environment,...

Published 05-08-15 by Categories Turnaround
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Martyn Strickland from Deloitte shares his article, The art of fast, effective turnaround with us. Australia is in the decade of disruption. Industries and markets are changing faster than companies can adapt, leaving many under pressure despite strong balance sheets. In this environment, a fast and effective turnaround isn’t straightforward. Synthesised from more than 20 successful turnarounds,...

Published 19-07-15 by Categories Turnaround
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by Michael Fingland of Vantage Performance Australian business has been dealing with post-GFC fallout for more than four years, with no sign of tough conditions easing. These market conditions will accelerate the already rapid growth of the most recent C-suite role in Australia: the Chief Restructuring Officer. Forward-thinking companies in Australia are already actively incorporating...

Published 06-09-12 by Categories News
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By Elizabeth Mawby of Vantage Performance It’s generally accepted that most business failures result from inadequate management. So what do business owners and managers do wrong? Around 65-90% of business failures are due to internal issues – often referred to as weak or bad management, according to Donald B Bibeault in his book Corporate Turnaround...

Published 06-09-12 by Categories Management, News
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by Michael Fingland of Vantage Performance With corporate insolvencies at an all-time high and set to get worse, it’s worth taking time to review best practice turnaround techniques to ensure your business is prepared for any collateral damage. This year the Australian business community will have to deal with an estimated 15,700 corporate insolvencies. This...

Published 06-09-12 by Categories News, Turnaround
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