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TMA is about more than just turnaround.  TMA members are a professional community that seeks to strengthen the global economy by working to save distressed businesses, assist management to navigate off-plan events, and help healthy companies avoid similar pitfalls.

TMA is the premier professional community dedicated to turnaround management and corporate renewal.  TMA's strength comes from its diverse membership - professionals from many disciplines committed to a common goal: to stabilise and revitalise corporate value.

The TMA Australia Chapter is committed to promoting the benefits that the turnaround industry offers the Australian business community, facilitating a deeper restructuring market in Australia, and fostering a turnaround culture in the broader region.

Why join?

TMA shows members value by providing networking, educational resources, and certification to members whether they practice at the local, regional, national, or cross-border level. TMA ensures that the critical role our members play in the global economy is understood, respected, and celebrated. 

Strategic Plan


Our brand

Reinforce and reinvigorate TMAA identity as the organisation standing for corporate renewal & turnaround management across all levels of corporate Australia (Individuals, SMEs and Large Corporates):

Socialise the differences,
function and benefits between
'turnaround' and insolvency.

Encourage a focus and
willingness within corporate
Australia to take action early.

Raise TMAA public profile
as the professional / industry
body with a focus on
operational improvement
in industry.


Connecting people

Be the primary forum for networking, and the hub providing a link between companies in distress, our members and those offering the different elements and components of successful turnaround, including advice, capital solutions, leadership and strategic planning.


Thought leadership

Be the relevant resource for market, regulatory, legal and industry developments in turnaround and operational improvement.


Value creation

Improve the operating effIciency of the TMAA. Grow our income to enable investment that benefits our members.



Provide members with strong links and connections to the Asian turnaround industry.


Ethics and Professionalism

Membership in the Turnaround Management Association indicates the degree of professionalism and honesty of a candidate. TMA holds members to a Code of Ethics and all members listed in our directory have signed a statement acknowledging the TMA Code of Ethics.

See The TMA Code of Ethics


Dedicated to Professional Development

The TMA is committed to the ongoing professional development of its practicing members. Regular professional development seminars and networking sessions are held including an annual conference to help ensure members have access to.

Become a Certified Turnaround Professional

TMA Charitable Activities:

TMA is proudly supporting Foodbank Australia – this country's largest food relief organisation. For more informaton about TMA's efforts to assist - here